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With 158,706 square miles of land, California is the 3rd largest State in the union, just behind Alaska and Texas.  With 37,679,000 people, California is has the largest population of any State.  With so many people residing there, it is no wonder why we get so much traffic to our website from mobile home buyers and sellers in and around, California.  Every day our listings are searched by buyers looking for homes selling in cities, such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, and many others.   With its rich history and many attractions, California serves as one of the nations most desirable places to live.

But if this is true, why is it so hard to sell a mobile home here?  After all, mobile homes provide a cheaper alternative to some of the hefty prices that stick built homes demand in California.  Well, the answer is:  Poor marketing strategies.

Conventional methods of gaining exposure are no longer effective as the Internet is now the king of the hill.  Websites provide a cheaper, easier, and more productive alternative than news paper ads or for sale signs.  For every one person who sees your orange sign in the window, there are about a thousand who are searching the Internet for homes in the very same park.  In fact, the majority of the homes we visit that are for sale don’t even have a sign in the window.  Nobody would even know that the home is for sale.  Yet, these are the homes that are selling faster than ever.  If you want to sell your mobile home fast, you have to harnest the marketing power of the Internet.  This is where we come in. attracts thousands of buyers and sellers to our site each month.  This traffic is 100% relevant to mobile homes.  Unlike other Internet marketing sources such as, Craigslist, Ebay, or local new papers, our web users are only there to search or list mobile homes.  You will not get random hits that only appear to be interested.

Our listing ads are professional looking, easy to set up, and VERY inexpensive.  At $39.99 for 2 months / $49.99 for an infinite ad (Runs till it sells), there is no reason not to list your home with us.  Below are just a few of the benefits you get with our site:

  1.  Mobile home relevant traffic to your personal ad
  2. Full access to your advertisement to make changes to price, pictures, or mobile home’s information
  3. Marketing strategies provided by our site.  This includes top search engine results and paid advertising for you
  4. An easy to use URL that you can copy and paste into your other marketing sites. (provides a link back to your professional ad)
  5. Full picture display with infinite picture uploading
  6. Confidential contact information.  Buyers will contact you through our site, insuring that your email is not farmed by spammers.
California continues to be a favorite location for buyers seeking to purchase mobile homes.  These homes are often moved out of the state by people in neighboring States.  This provides great opportunity for sellers since your potential buyers are not just located in California, they’re all across the country.
Your home needs great exposure if you’re going to compete in todays mobile home market.  Give yourself a fair chance by starting up your ad today.  We will take you through the process step by step.  It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.
Click the “List my home” tab above and get your home sold once and for all!


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