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USMHP Marketplace

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We know how to sell mobile homes!

Since our business started, we have always been good at finding buyers for mobile homes. For the past 8 years we have been building an extensive database of both buyers and sellers.

We Had An Idea!

If we can sell our homes quickly in states we operate in, maybe we could find buyers for you?

We Have Buyers

We now have thousands of buyers looking for homes and we can’t possibly fill the demand on our own. We need you!

Connect Buyers And Sellers

We connect you with buyers in your area who otherwise would not have known your home was for sale!

Highly Reputable Among Mobile Home Owners

We have one of the fastest growing websites in the mobile home industry and we see no signs of it slowing down.

Visitors Each Year & Growing

What To Expect?

Personal Representative

We’ll create your listing and attract buyers for your specific home. We’re with you 100% of the way, always ready to lend a helping hand!

$0 Insertion Fee

We work for free until we find a buyer you’re comfortable with!

Chat With Buyers

You can live chat with potential buyers as much as you’d like, until you’re confident you’ve found the right person!


Release your contact information to as many buyers as YOU chose and complete your sale.



  • Personal Representative (easily accessible)   
  • Free entry into the USMHP marketplace
  • Chat with buyers prior to any payment due
  • Only pay when you’re ready!

$149 Flat Fee – Once we’ve found you an interested buyer!


 Pay only when you want to!       


Let’s Get Started! If you have not already given us information about your home we would ask that you please complete the following quick form. If you’re unsure how to answers all the questions, no worries. We’ll help you along once you are paired with your personal representative.

Already gave us your home’s information? Contact us to get your home in the USMHP marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Pictures Do I get?

Until the fee is paid, we allow 3 displayed pictures. Upon payment, there is no restriction to the number of pictures you can use. We’ll even put up a Youtube video of your home if you have one.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

There are NO hidden fees. Leave the market at anytime for any reason and we’ll simply remove your home.

Do I have to pay for every connection?

No, it’s a one time payment. If the buyer doesn’t work out you are free to connect with other buyers at no additional charge.

What If I Find My Own Buyer?

If you find your own buyer outside of our marketplace you can easily remove your home. There is no fee for leaving.


Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

Not at all. You are not obligating yourself to any contract by simply entering the marketplace. We only ask that you honor our Terms of Use.


How Do I Contact My Representative?

Your rep is with you in every chat you have. If you need them, just ask.


When Do I Have To Pay?

The service is absolutely free until you decide to release your contact information to a potential buyer. It is all within your timing, if ever.

What If I Pay And The Buyer Backs Out?

The connection fee is only required once. If the buyer backs out you are welcome to release your contact information to as many buyers as you’d like.

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