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1. Responsiveness. 2. Product Knowledge. 3. Courtesy. Nowadays, customer service has gotten so bad you’d be lucky to get at least one of these qualities. With US Mobile Home Pros, I got a hat-trick! Here’s how it happened.

Look, I’m a stickler for good service. After striking out with a few locals who claimed to be professionals in the housing industry, I quickly learned that a name tag doesn’t make you a pro. Getting a double-wide off my hands required a bonafide expert. So, I turned to Google.

The moment I hit the US Mobile Home Pros website, I was impressed – no sloppy pictures of wrecked up mobile homes or bulky pop-ups that block your view rather than inform you. Instead, straightforward information about how to sell my home. Which is what I needed and what I logged -off with.

Here’s the deal, Stephanie, from US Mobile Home Pros, buzzed my Mobile. She didn’t have to – but she did. It was a follow up call. I was tied up trying to get things packed on my end, so I missed her call. I played her voice message back and she gave me the option to text her. I did. A few minutes later, Stephanie sent me more information she wrangled in about my place and its value. Talk about going above-and-beyond!

Finally, more importantly, it’s something about the team at US Mobile Home Pros that makes you feel cared for. Yeah, they’ve got a kick-ass website and all, but pixels and graphics alone won’t lasso me in. It’s the personal experience they bring to the table that got me. They’ll make you feel warm like buttered bread or apple pie right out the oven – really, they will!

With US Mobile Home Pros, I knew there were people on the other side of that computer screen that cared. I got far more than a drop in-your-cart one-and-done Amazon experience. I got real people who care – point blank.

Myron Norman


Bryce was very helpful in buying the mobile home, he talk my mother and I through the process and asked if we had any questions, within a day we had a buyer.   I would recommend U.S Mobile Home Pros to anyone that is selling a mobile home.

Sherrill, MI

Working with US Mobile Home Pros was fantastic! I had to sell my grandmothers mobile home ASAP and I contacted US Mobile Home Pros and the next day I had an offer and cash in hand! This company is a serious buying company and extremely friendly! I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie and she helped me so much! Fantastic service, fast, competent, and friendly company who gives fair offers for your mobile home. I found them through googling “sell my mobile home” and there they were. Don’t hesitate working with this company! Thank you for helping make this process fast and easy, and now I have money to help towards my grandmothers assisted living care!

Kimberly Johnson, IN

Thank you it’s been an easy process.  Thanks again!

Jose - MI


Bryce was very professional when he came to my home, everything he stated would happen did and in record time. I was very happy with the end result and will be referring him to anyone that inquires about how to sell their home quickly. It took a lot of pressure off of me.

Thanks again Bryce.
Gloria Bryson


Deanna Bruce, MI

Irin Douglas - Michigan

Raine VonDrake, MI

Leigh Richardson - Michigan

Thanks Stephanie, for your efforts to get my home sold. I’m glad it went to Don and his wife. They were very nice to my Dad and seemed to really appreciate the house. You have been patient, professional, polite, and responsive, and that has made an unpleasant circumstance easier to deal with.  Thank you.

Christopher Parker– Stockbridge, GA

I just want to give a huge thanks for Bryce and the crew’s help with the purchase of my home. I was nervous at first of possibly being scammed but they made sure to comfort, and assure me that wouldn’t happen. And they were even able to give me my desired value of what I felt my home was worth. So thanks again. I greatly appreciate your willingness to travel to me on such short notice and buy my home. 
Ken Poe - Michigan

Matthew Weldon, OH

Hey Bryce this is a cool and useful service and honestly you guys are the most honorable home dealers out there and I appreciate and respect that.

Rob – Mobile Home Park Owner, Michigan

Thank you US Mobile Home Pros for selling my mobile home and in less than 30 days!  I started out just curious to see if I could sell my mobile home, I contacted US Mobile Home Pros and Stephanie helped me from start to finish she was absolutely terrific!

She  made the process so painless and so fast I was very surprised, I though for sure it would be up for sale for a long time. I highly recommend US Mobile Home Pros!!!

Diane O.– Macomb, MI

Bryce was wonderful to talk to and was very trusting to talk with. He was truthful with me from the very start.  This company was a pleasure to deal with. Bryce always answered my questions in a timely manner.

Deborah Corrado, NY

I had dealt with you guys before and knew how trustworthy you were.

Roger Mercer – Louisville, KY

My name is Jaida Isenhath and I just recently sold a mobile home with the assistance of US Mobile Home Pros. In agreement of having them sell my home I was required to put a lien on the title of the mobile home to ensure they would be entitled to portion of the profit of the sale, and for the company to protect themselves. I admit that this process of putting the lien on the title made me nervous. Despite my hesitation, I went forward with it and within a week and a half of doing so my mobile home was sold and I received more money then I anticipated! This made me very happy and I am glad I went forward with this company. I am grateful for all their help and would recommend this company to acquaintances, friends, and family.

Jaida Isenhath – Alma, MI

(*Get more information on the listing process Jaida described!  You have two options… we can buy your home – OR – we can list it out for you!  Each situation calls for different approaches, and you have the option for either.)

Very pleased Stephanie was great to deal with

Floyd – Saline, Michigan

Very professional and helpful under difficult circumstances.

Thomas Lea – Texas

I had many offers but I decided to go with US Mobile Home Pros, not because of the money as odd as that sounds but because of Stephanie. She was amazing from the first phone call, she was quick, honest and caring. I needed time to move in to our new home and she had no issues with that at all. I will be telling others about her for sure!! Wonderful doesn’t even begin to express how she was. Thank you Stephanie!!

Amber Conlin – Michigan

Could immediately tell from his voice I could trust him. Easy to work with – took away a big burden and worry

Sherry Belohlavek – Ohio

Stephanie was very professional and and answered all my questions with a great deal of respect for my situation. I recommend to friends and family to tell all their friends about US Mobile Home Pros.

Carolyn Harrison – Indiana

He is a man of his word. He acted very quickly and did everything he said he would do. I was uneasy at first with dealing with someone out of state but once I started talking with him he put me at ease.

Angel Bruce – Tennessee

Dealing with Bryce Armour was super easy and convenient. He made sure that our communication was clear and to the point. Plus he has a great personality and customer service. I will definitely recommend US Mobile Home Pros and Bryce Armour to anyone that wants to sell their mobile home in the future.

Jami Hansen – Ohio

Once contact was made, Bryce came out within a few days. We explained our situation and what I liked best about it……was that we are able to move in the time frame that works best for us…if we should have to change that date…I was assured there would be no problem. How can anyone possibly not be happy under those circumstance. Have already referred you to someone else in this park.
Norma – Michigan City, IN

Thank you Bryce for all your kindness. I am so sorry it took me 2 1/2 hours to finally say yes on selling my trailer. You were so patient and caring and that helped me with my decision. I am thankful God brought you to our home and I know our family has a big journey ahead of us and you are very kind to be helping us along that journey. Hopefully we will find something soon and thanks for working with us to accomplish that goal. God Bless You… 

Yolonda Banks – Flat Rock, Michigan

We recently sold our home to Bryce Armour this past summer, when we first were approached by him I was skeptical because we had heard lots of stories of brokers buying homes and deals not going right. But when we met with Bryce and he came into our home he was very respectful and very attentive to our needs and what we were looking for on selling our home.  We offered and counter offered and ended up making a deal for purchase.  The sale couldn’t have gone any smoother and we were out of our home and into another one within weeks.  We would greatly recommend Bryce and his company if you are looking to buy or sell a manufactured home.

Amy & Phino D.  – New Haven, MI

Where do I begin? Bryce was so easy going and helpful from the first time we spoke, he explained so simply exactly what he needed and how to do it. We closed in 2 weeks, at our request…note, he made it clear he could do it as soon as we wanted. The price was fair, especially considering how much had to go into fixing it. He even offered us help with taxes due! If you are looking to make a lot off your mobile home, this is not your company. If you need to sell your home FAST for a fair deal, I recommend Bryce and US Mobile Home Pros 100% to any family member or friend. Thank you again Bryce for the best experience in home sales we have had!

Rebecca Pepple  – Osceola, Indiana

I would like to take the time to say what a wonderful experience I had with selling my home to Bryce Armour.  He was very fair, efficient, polite, professional and always on time when he said he’d meet with me for an appt. What I thought would be an unpleasant experience turned out to be the opposite! US Mobile Home Pros is The Best Way to go in selling your manufactured home!

Dee Koons – Indiana

What can I say, I had my home up for about 1 year through a realtor, not one thing happen.  I found Bryce on the Internet under, made one inquiry, the next thing I knew, he was coming down the following week from Michigan to Chicago.  This man kept his word and then some.   That same night he came down he made me a better offer than what I was asking, he felt my place was worth more and didn’t want to cheat me.  We made the deal and I received the cash on the spot.

He also plans on taking on my lot rent when I leave and handle any issues with my current park, I couldn’t ask for more.  I feel a lot has been lifted off my shoulders and any concerns.

I would HIGHLY recommend him.  Nowadays you can’t trust people or the internet (scams) but he truly is very honest man and true to his words.    This man has a lot of honor and respect, not just for himself but for others. He really does look out for YOU.

His kids will definitely be very proud of their dad and follow in his footsteps when they grow up.

Kathy Alcobia – Illinois

If you need fast reliable service, US Mobile Home Pros is your answer.  After looking around I decided to go with US Mobile Home Pros and it was the best choice. Bryce was so easy to work with and took care of everything. Within a day of making our deal he was there to finalize everything for me and take care of the things I hadn’t even thought of. If the time came again I would gladly use them again!

Jaclyn D. – Indiana

I sold my home to US Mobile Home Pros last summer. Bryce was out to my home within days of making contact and gave me a fair price. The process was quick and everything was very easy. I highly recommend working with US Mobile Home Pros.

~ Mrs. Lacey

US Mobile Home Pros gave me a wonderful selling experience, they came out to my home looked everything over and offered me a fair sale price. Within a couple of days I had cash in hand, and was able to get out of my house without a long waiting period. They work with you in a timely manner and they even gave me extra time to move out, I would recommend them to anyone.

Theresa – Michigan

I was in a bind, and had to sell my doublewide fast. This company came to my rescue. They completed the deal and provided the cash upfront for me to make the process go smoothly for both of us. I may not have gotten as much if I would have had the time to sell my home on my own, but I am happy that Bryce, from US Mobile Home Pros, was there for me.

Denise – Ohio

Bryce from is the epitome of what customer service should be.  He promised things that were not outlined in our contractual agreement, but actually stuck to his word long after our transaction took place.

After speaking candidly with him, it became very obvious that his line of work was with tenants who live under (typically horrible and overzealous) park management.  Given the sensitive nature surrounding these deals, he did everything in his power to make sure that we were not put at a disadvantage because of our dealings with him (instead of the park).

Case in point, the management at (XYZ Mobile Home Park) is nothing short of sociopathic and quite literally was guilty of extortion by sending us non-itemized bills after we left that explicitly stated that we should seek legal council (in an attempt to intimidate undue money from us).  When we responded that they were, at best, only entitled to partial rent for the remainder of 30 days we never finished, they came back asking for that among other unoutlined fees (purposefully sent late as to charge late fees / basically were in gross violation of the law).

Even though it wasn’t outlined in our written agreement, Bryce offered to pay any final fees they might throw at us (anything that might stick) and did so months after our transaction being true to his word.   We went with who treated us the best and, as time, park harrassment, and contact with Bryce has shown, we made the right choice.

Jacob W. – Michigan

(Park name has been taken out)

Your company has been amazing to work with. Always very kind, professional, and quick to respond. Would definitely recommend you to others in the future!!

Desiree Arick – Indiana

We are extremely happy with how quick and efficiently the sale of our home went using and Bryce Armour! We couldn’t have asked for any quicker, simple process.  If you are considering several different companies for the sale of your home, DON’T!  … should be your choice, hands down.  We made Internet contact one day and after a few emails, Bryce drove 200 miles the next day to view our home, make and offer and close the sale in the same afternoon!  We were impressed to say the least.  He will take care of EVERYTHING!  Thank you again Bryce!

…Thank you sir… I knew when I saw the beard it was going to be fine…  Keep it growing!!

Brian S. – Michigan

It has been a pleasure working with Bryce and his company. They are fair, helpful, and above all, honest. They will stick with you to the end, even after the sale is final. Highly recommend them.

Patty Ross – Ohio

Thanks bryce for the picture…. it brought tears to moms eyes to see it go cause of the hard work I’ve put in. But theres a new adventure coming our way and because of your companies courtesy and professionalism this will be a smooth transition for us… thanks again

Mike G. – Michigan

The sale, aside from a few hiccups with the Title, and Lot Rent payment, went smoothly. I will refer US Mobile Home Pros in the future.

~Carl Ashman – Flat Rock, MI


When we decided to sell our home, I searched online to see if there was a company that bought them for a living. We could have taken our time trying to sell it ourselves, to maybe get a little more money, but having a virtually stress-free way to do this–that has value too. We were given a fair price. Something that could have been a stressful event turned out to be an enjoyable experience. I worked with US Mobile Home Pros. They responded to all of my (many) emails so quickly, gave attention to every question and concern, and walked me through the process step by step. I am writing so much here because I want it to influence a potential seller’s decision to use this company. Before, I would go into any business transaction with the expectation that I would be let down in some way. This experience gives me hope that good businesses are still out there. Thank you for that, and for providing this service to the public.

~Brandi Brooks, Arkansas  


Thanks for visiting the Hoosier state today Bryce. Great company they made this girl happy! Quick and easy transaction now on to better things !

Sara Williams – Indiana

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