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With 59,441 square miles of land, Georgia is home to more than 8,186,453 (2000) people.  Much of whom live in or around the great city of Atlanta, GA.  The State has a rich history dating back to 1788 when Georgia was first admitted to statehood.  While Atlanta is the fastest growing city in America, many of it’s residence live outside of city and commute to work on a daily basis.  With all of this growth, the demand for affordable housing has never been greater.  Therefore, mobile homes offer a fast solution to Georgia’s ever increasing housing necessity.  However, in order for your home to be considered, you’ll have to compete with the many homes already flooding the market.  And to do that, you’ll have to get quick attention to your home, while showcasing it’s many attractive features. provides buyers and sellers with a mutual location where they can easily find one another.  Unlike other conventional methods of advertising, the Internet can attract potential buyers from many locations outside of Georgia.  This obviously increases the chances of finding a buyer, while, at the same time, decreases ones marketing costs while in the sales process.

So, if you are having a hard time selling your mobile home and can’t figure out what to do, chances are, it’s because people don’t know your home is for sale.  It’s not being advertised where buyers are looking.  Our site is one such place.  Every month we have thousands of buyers search for homes in the state of Georgia.  Often times, these homes are being sold without anyone even noticing.  There are no “for sale” signs in the windows that would indicate it was even on the market.  In order to compete with this level of marketability, you need to get heavy exposure, fast.

We offer advertising space that will allow your home to get recognition with the many Georgia buyers in your area.  But not just Georgia buyers will be looking.  There are probably hundreds of buyers in the surrounding States looking in your area right now.  You need to get your home out to these people or you’ll never be able to compete in this market.

Our ad space offers you a professional looking ad with unlimited picture uploading.  You will have ample space to highlight your homes selling features and repairs needed.  If you have made upgrades, you’ll be able to create a complete write-up to give details to your viewers.


  1. You get a professional looking ad that you can link to from other marketing resources.
  2. We market the home for you on our network of advertising pages.
  3. We have a massive site that allows buyers to find us with a variety of search terms.
  4. We also use paid advertising to attract even more attention to the ads running in Georgia.
  5. Thousands of potential buyers search our pages every month.
  6. Our ads are very inexpensive – Starting at just $39.99 for 2 months / $49.99 for an unlimited ad.

So, if you’re tired of the sales cycle,  we invite you to create your ad today.  Click the “List my home” tab at the top of this page and start getting the attention your mobile home requires.


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