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Buying or Selling Mobile Homes in Iowa

The state of the “Oak tree” and” wild Rose”, Iowa was primarily a habitat for various American Indian tribes until the French fought for and snatched the land from the Indians in the 1830s. These French were the first Americans in this area and this state has some amazing farm land. It is a political hotbed state and has received billions of tax payer dollars in controversial corn ethanol money. Iowa is one of America’s most financially strong states in terms of a healthy economy and a robust business climate that proudly preaches “right to work”.

The state government constantly strives to promote its industrial climate by offering business funding, tax credits, compliance, and licensing, and more. The thriving industries in Iowa include food processing, electrical equipment, industrial machinery, chemicals, publishing, metal processing; and the main employers are ConAgra Foods, Heinz, and Quaker Oats. Some of the prominent, hi-tech companies include 3M and Amana Corporation that find this state the ideal location to reside in.

This is What they Do

There are many terrific reasons you may like to move to Iowa, and if you do, you should check out EZ Homes, LLC. This is a 10 year old company in the mobile home industry; helping Iowans buy and sell their manufactured homes quickly through our premier website. You can peruse a hand-picked, selection of manufactured homes at an affordable cost. We are licensed, bonded, & insured; and offer quick buy and sell transactions in the least amount of time! We are quality conscious and ready to provide step-by step guidance to make your mobile home buying procedure safe and comfortable.

An Ideal Tradeoff

Known for its advanced and productive farms, Iowa has a wide range of agricultural products including soybeans, oats, and corn on one hand to hogs and cattle on the other. This agricultural environment has produced excellent universities such as Iowa State University in Ames, or the University of Iowa in Iowa City. The graduates have access to some superb employment opportunities; while the employers are fortunate to be able to receive a steady stream of motivated new employees.

Trust and Security

As a college or graduate student or an employee, you may be looking for mobile or manufactured homes. Lots of manufactured homes are listed for sale and some of them can be found at Hilltop Mobile Home Park or Sunrise Mobile Home Village in Iowa City. These are terrific homes for students of all kinds with families or for first-time home buyers. We, at EZ Homes, LLC, will quickly buy your Iowa home at a reasonable price and be cordial with you while we do it. That is right; we buy and sell mobile homes. We work both ways! If you put your mobile home for sale on Craigslist for example, you do not know who is going to show up!

You do not have to worry about this if you choose to work with us. You can use our search-engine friendly site and we will get your home in front of thousands of US buyers! We will provide you with a customized, promotional URL so that you can promote your mobile home sale ad on other sites as well.


Some major cities in Iowa:

Ames,Cedar Rapids,Davenport,Des Moines,Iowa City,

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