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Sell your mobile home in Kentucky

We make quick purchases in the State of Kentucky.  If you have had a hard time selling your mobile home, we can help you.  You can sell your home to us, or, you can list your home with our site.   By listing your mobile home with, you get the benefits of mass marketing without having to do the work yourself.  Your home will be marketed to thousands of potential buyers from all over the US and Canada, not just in Kentucky.

Any mobile home can be listed on our page.  We do not care about the homes age and you have all the control over your listing price.  All negotiations will be between you and the buyers.  By living in Kentucky, you have the privilege of being surrounded by many buyers who often visit our site. Take advantage of this mass marketing today.

By listing your home with us you will be given a quick URL that can be pasted into other marketing sites, such as Craigslist or local advertising sites.  This way, you will never have to create another listing or think of creative wording for your ads.  Just copy and paste the URL and all traffic will be forwarded over to your listing, complete with pictures and a full outline of the homes benefits.

If you don’t have time to place an ad, we would be happy to make you an offer for your home.  Just complete the form and your mobile homes information will be sent to us immediately.  At that time, we will have the opportunity to asses the homes and get back to you instantly with an initial offer.  (Our offers are based on a formula that we use to determine an initial range offer)

At that time, you can chose to sell your home to us, or, you can still list the home with our site.  The choice is yours.  List your home to Kentucky buyers now, by clicking the “Get instant offer” tab, or the, “List your home” tab above.


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