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Want to Buy or Sell a Mobile Home in Maryland?

A Company that Works for You

If you think of buying a mobile or manufactured home in Maryland, do not forget to contact EZ Homes, LLC, a reputed business helping Maryland residents for over 10 years to buy or sell mobile homes.

A Business for You

Or, if you are moving out of the state for some reason, and have queries regarding buying or selling manufactured homes in Maryland, then contact EZ Homes, LLC, which offers many benefits such as instant cash payments for a sale, quick turnaround times, no approval required for parking, and highly-targeted sales ads on their websites with additional URL to promote your mobile home on other sites. You can put up a sale ad for your manufactured home at Sell Your Manufactured Home in Maryland.

We have a deep experience in quickly buying and selling mobile homes in Maryland; so do not waste your time on vague methods such as craigslist or the newspaper which do not produce results and the results they do produce may not be pleasant. We are a properly licensed, bonded, and insured business. We have a proven track record in buying or selling mobile homes in Maryland in a short amount of time and limited frustration.

Why move to Maryland?

Maryland happens to be one of the smallest and the most densely populated states in the U.S.

Popularly known as the Chesapeake Bay State, it is home to Baltimore, the largest port-city of the state and home to the Super Bowl champs the Baltimore Ravens who defeated the 49ers in a spectacular manner. Baltimore’s inner harbor area is an international tourist spot!

A Terrific Area To Purchase Your Home In

Blessed with diverse natural landscape including sandy dunes on the east side and hilly pine groves on the west, Maryland is home to low marshlands near the Chesapeake Bay. The state’s plant life is mainly sea grass and White Oak. The common animals spotted in this region are deer, bears, bobcats, foxes, coyote, and raccoons.

Agriculture in Maryland primarily caters to dairy farming and some vegetable farming. The Port of Baltimore remains active with typical imports of raw materials such as iron ore, petroleum, sugar, and fertilizers.

Maryland is a major R & D hub for the life sciences field, accommodating more than 400 bio-technology companies. Other industries in this region include electronics, computer equipment, and chemicals. The federal government in Washington, D.C. which continues to spend more money than it has on questionable things and sends money to dictators which concerns many Americans is a large employer for this area and city. Even secretaries in Washington D.C. receive salaries of $105,000 and so on! A white-collar work-force comprises a quarter of Maryland’s labor force. In addition, Johns Hopkins University and its medical research facilities collectively form the largest single employer in the Baltimore area.

Higher Learning

Maryland has some renowned academic institutions, the most prominent being Johns Hopkins University, founded with a private donation from Baltimore entrepreneur Johns Hopkins in 1876. The other well-known universities here are the University of Maryland, Baltimore, University of Baltimore School of Law, and University of Maryland, College Park.


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