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Minnesota has a total of 86,943 square miles of land, making it the 12th largest state in the country.  According to a 2000 census, Minnesota is the 21st most populous state with a total of 4,919,479 residence.  People from all over the country are brought to Minnesota by it’s many attractions.  Once such place is The Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.  With the size of 78 football fields totaling 9.5 million square feet, The Mall of America is the most famous mall in the world.  With attractions such as these, coupled with it’s beautiful scenery, it is no wonder why we get so many people looking to purchase mobile homes in Minnesota.  Every day we get traffic from all over the world, looking to see what homes we have for sale.  Many of these buyers are in or around the State of Minnesota.  This gives the sellers there a great opportunity to get their homes in front of many potential buyers.

We encourage you to list your home with us if you are frustrated with the results you have gotten while trying to sell.  It can, no doubt, be a daunting task when you know how to market a mobile home.  It can almost make a person crazy to try and sell when you don’t know how.  This is where we come in.  We help homeowners, who are in the sales process, attract attention from these buyers, who would otherwise not know about them.  You see, buyers go straight to the Internet now.  They don’t have the time to travel through parks.  Why would they when they can search 100’s, if not, 1,000’s of homes within minutes.  All the negotiations take place directly with the sellers and deals can close within days of an agreement.  If you want to sell your home you have to market it to as many Minnesota buyers as you possibly can.  You can’t put a price on that kind of awareness.

By listing your home with us you get the benefits of our marketing team working directly for you.  We have a massive site that allows search engines to direct relavent traffic directly to your ad.  We also utilize paid advertising campaigns to showcase the homes in your area to buyers near you.  You’ll get a professional looking ad that allows you to upload as many pictures as you need, along with ample space to outline your manufactured homes selling features.

Take advantage of this offer and join the thousands of sellers who are using the power of Internet marketing to get their homes sold.  Click the “List my Home” tab above and maximize your profits.



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