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Mississippi is located to the South East of the United States. It is a southern state and is proud of it. It shares its borders with Louisiana and Alabama, while its southern tip reaches the Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi is named after the Mississippi River, which is the tenth largest river in the world. The Mississippi River Valley is one of the most fertile agricultural lands in the world and this is where this food ends up, all over the world.

Demand for Mobile Homes in Mississippi

Mississippi is primarily an agricultural state, though recently efforts are being made to promote industry and tourism. Mississippi has the lowest cost of living in the country, making it an attractive destination for families, senior citizens and working professionals alike – especially near the cities.

There has been a recent drive to promote tourism in the state, with the administration passing legislation granting permission for the construction of casinos along the Mississippi River and Gulf Coast. Some of the towns that have experienced explosive growth due to the casinos include Bay St. Louis, Biloxi, Tunica, Gulfport, Greenville, Natchez, and Vicksburg.

The state is experiencing steady growth, which has led to a demand for mobile homes in the market. This is something that California, Illinois, and New York are not experiencing. They are anti-business states and this is one reason why they are failing financially and states like Mississippi are doing pretty well.


Mississippi has had a large impact on the nation’s culture because of the unique brand of music that has sprung up here. The state was integral to the creation of the “blues” genre of music. Tourists from all over the country flock to the state to visit the birthplaces of the blues music, which include historic locations like the Clarksdale’s Riverside Hotel (where Bessie Smith died) and locations across the state in cities and towns like Jackson, Indianola, Tunica, Memphis, and Philadelphia.

Mississippi is also famous for hosting the international “USA International Ballet Competition”, which attracts dancers from around the world.

The Magnolia Independent Film Festival in Starkville has become popular recently. It has the distinction of being the state’s first film festival.


Water skiing was first invented on Lake Pepin, between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Popular sports in the state include national favorites: baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer. The state has several professional sports teams, such as the Mississippi Surge (ice hockey), Mississippi Brilla (soccer), Mississippi Braves (baseball), and Mississippi RiverKings (hockey). But none of these teams are actually in the “big leagues.” They are minor league teams or secondary leagues. There is big time, Division I, college sports though played at the Univ. of Mississippi. They are in the SEC.

Sell Your Mobile Home in Mississippi to EZ Homes LLC

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We have been operating in the business of buying manufactured homes for the past 10 years, and people from around the country visit our website when they want to buy a manufactured home. If you want more money for your home, you can put up a “For Sale by Owner” ad on our website and gain access to hundreds of buyers from around the state and beyond. If you open this door, you are responsible for the price you sell your home for. Either way, we can handle buyers and sellers with precision and professionalism.


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