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With thousands of buyers in the State of Missouri, why is it so hard for homeowners to sell their mobile home?  With sales processes spanning upwards of one year, or more, most homeowners express a deep frustration in the mobile home market.  In todays day and age, there are so many resources to market your home, there really is no reason not to be getting inquiries.  The problem seems to be a lack marketing.  Missouri buyers just can’t seem to find the homes that are for sale.  This is a common theme, all across the US.  Buyers are frustrated with the lack of available homes, while sellers are disappointed with the response they get from sales ads.  So, what seems to be the problem?  Well, it appears to us that sellers are advertising (Or NOT advertising at all) in the wrong way, making it difficult for buyers to find their homes.  Search engines are overloaded with searches from buyers looking for available mobile homes in Missouri.  The buyers are there!  You just have to get your ad in front of them.

Often, we ask mobile homeowners what they have done to market their home.  The response is all too often, “I haven’t done anything.” This is very unfortunate in the mobile home industry, as mobile homes depreciate at such a rapid pace.  Every year the home goes unsold becomes a major hit to your profit.  I’ll ask you, what have you done to market your mobile home in Missouri?  Have you placed a sign in the window?  This rarely works, as most potential buyers will not want to live in the park you currently reside.  Many people list their homes on sites with broad search terms, such as Craiglist or Ebay.  These sites have a lot of traffic, however, they do not specifically cater to your needs.  In other words, the site does not target mobile home buyers in Missouri.

Our website only deals with mobile and manufactured homes.  ALL of our Internet traffic is relevant to the sale of mobile homes.  By listing your mobile home with our site, you get the following benefits:

  • Nation wide marketing
  • Relevant traffic to your specific ad
  • Easy to use URL (For easy cut and paste to other sites)
  • Instant searchability
  • Maximum profit potential


Start getting more Missouri buyers looking at your home today.  Start your ad by clicking the tab above that says, “List your home”.  We’ll lead you through the entire process.  It’s quick and easy.

If you don’t have the time to sell your home we ask that you get an offer from us now.  Just click the, “Get offer” tab above and see what we’ll give you for your home.  Although we wouldn’t be your best option for profit, we can save you a lot of time by closing quickly.

There’s no reason to wait.  Get your home in front of thousands of Missouri buyers today!



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