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Are You Buying or Selling a Mobile Home in Montana?

Montana is located to the North-West in the U.S., along the Canadian border. Montana is Spanish for “mountain” – the state is so called because of the 77 recognized mountains that form a part of the Rocky Mountains which also run though this state.

Exciting Recreational Activities

In Montana, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, golfing, skiing, and horseback riding are the recreational activities of choice. The Yellowstone National Park is a favorite destination for hunters. Every year, hunters flock there to hunt bison and black bears. Big Sky, Red Lodge, Whitefish Mountain, and Moonlight Basin are the overnight ski resorts that are popular in the state.


Millions of tourists come to Montana each year to visit the Glacier National Park, the Missouri River, Flathead Lake, the Yellowstone National Park, and the historic location of the Battle of Little Bighorn. The Glacier Lake is a uniquely beautiful and virgin ecosystem that stretches for thousands of miles (1,000,000 acres) along the Canadian border, near Alberta, and British Columbia. The Missouri river is the longest in the country. Tourists can kayak, canoe, and boat on the river. The Yellowstone National park is the first location to have ever been named a national park. It extends for 3,468 square miles through both Montana and Idaho.

High-Quality Education and Healthcare

There are several colleges in Montana. The most prominent universities in the state include Montana State University in Bozeman, the University of Montana in Missoula, Carroll College in Helena, and Montana State University Billings in Billings.

While Montana does not have Trauma I clinics, it has three hospitals that qualify for the Trauma II category, located at Billings, Missoula, and Great Falls. The Billings Clinic has a reputation for being one of the safest clinics in the country.

Sell Your Mobile Home to EZ Homes LLC for Profit

If you are leaving Montana for a new job in another state, or if you are just moving to a different location in Montana, and you are having trouble finding a buyer for your mobile home, we can help. We will buy your mobile home for a competitive price and we will pay you in cash, within 24 hours of sealing the deal. This was not a typo. We will buy your home outright and you will have spending money that day to go on about your business. We will offer you a price based on market conditions and since we operate in cash, you do not have to wait until you can get to a bank, or until the bank opens, or until some check arrives in the mail. Because we close quickly and because we are bonded, licensed, and insured (not to mention we don’t need park approval to buy), you can sell to us without hesitation or concern.

For maximum profit or certainly if you want to promote your sale, or intentions, as best as possible while utilizing the power of the Internet, we recommend that you place a “For Sale by Owner” ad on our website. We attract buyers from all parts of the state as well as the country, so chances are bright that someone will become partial to your manufactured home for a respectable price.


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