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The Process of Buying or Selling Mobile Homes in New Jersey

Another state that belonged to the original pack of 13 colonies that revolted against the British control is New Jersey. The state is in the Northeastern quadrant of the U.S.

New Jersey is strategically located between the busy metropolitan cities of New York and Philadelphia, so industrialization began in the early 19th century and rapidly progressed during the 20th century but that tide is slowly changing. New Jersey is not that friendly to business and does not have a major city to boast of but is still a populated state that is filled with urban areas. Jersey does have Atlantic City which is known for its gambling legalities. This state is improving though with Chris Christie at the helm, the current governor.

The Upper New York City Bay area, viewable across the Hudson River is exceptionally pretty, and other attractions in the state are Morristown National Historical Park, Thomas Edison National  Park, or the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

New Jersey showcases a splendid mix of racially and religiously diversity consisting mainly of Irish, Germans, Italians, Polish, and African Americans.  In terms of national percentages, New Jersey boasts the largest Peruvian Americans population, the second largest Jewish & Muslim population, the largest Cuban population outside of Florida, and the third largest Asian & Italian population. You will also find a high number of African Americans, Arabs, Hispanics, and Latinos settled across the state as well.

New Jersey’s economy is primarily based around the hi-tech industry and is home to several large companies such as Avaya and AT&T. Many  pharmaceutical companies like Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Hoffman-La Roche run business operations here.

New Jersey is well connected by major highways thus cultural activities like musical performances or theaters thrive very well in the state.

Of all the state-wide academic institutions, Princeton University in Princeton is the most widely known. Additionally, New Jersey has the geographic advantage of attracting highly skilled manpower from all its neighboring states with excellent universities but it has struggled in this aspect for many years because of regulations and high taxes which make it hard to conduct business here.

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