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The state of Oklahoma has many claims to fame. The Sooner State offers residents and visitors a balanced mix of the joie de vivre of the West, the beauty and serenity of the American Indian culture and plenty of nature’s bounty. The state is a major producer of natural gas, agricultural products, and oil which is why this state is growing while California, Illinois, and New York are in decline and massively in debt.

One of the primary reasons why Oklahoma is a fabulous state to make a life in is that it has one of the fastest growing economies in the country and there are plenty of job opportunities here. As people move into Oklahoma, there are others who are relocating owing to jobs and other reasons. If you are a manufactured home owner who is moving out of the state for any reason or considering buying a new home, you may be wondering what to do with your current mobile home.

At EZ Homes, LLC, we have more than a decade of experience helping Oklahomans sell their mobile home quickly and at very lucrative rates. Whether you intend to move into a brick and mortar residence, buy a new mobile home or are simply behind in lot rent and want to sell your manufactured home, our website is the only source of advertisement you need. Instead of wasting precious time and money registering your Oklahoma mobile home on websites that sell refrigerators and heating units, register it with us – we are licensed, bonded and insured company dedicated to the business of buying and selling mobile homes.

There are many people moving into Oklahoma owing to the business opportunities as well as well as educational options. For example, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Tulsa are ranked as the top universities in the country. The University of Tulsa also ranks in the list of best colleges in undergraduate business programs. Students flocking into the state need a comfortable and convenient place to stay and are most probably going to buy a manufactured home because there are many mobile home parks in Tulsa city like Cavalier Mobile Home Park, Cherry Hill Mobile Home Park, Mobile Haven, and more.

All the mobile homes we purchase are checked from top to bottom so that you have the best possible quote on the market. For sellers, you have to be where the buyers are. We have the solution to your problems because we pay cash, close quickly and never have issues with park approval. Add to this the fact that we offer you the potential to earn maximum profit and it’s a sweet deal.

If you want to buy or sell a mobile home in Oklahoma, you don’t need to look any further. Our website FAQ can guide you in the right direction if you want to sell or move your mobile home in Oklahoma.



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