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Rhode Island: Sell and Buy Mobile Homes

Rhode Island, the smallest of the New England States, is the second-most densely populated state in the U.S. This state was the first of the original 13 British colonies, to declare independence against British rule! Rhode Island has a nickname, known as the “The Ocean State” since the state showcases quite a few oceanfront beaches. The rest of the state is mostly flat land, Jerimoth Hill (812 feet above sea level), being the highest point.

Rhode Island has a diverse ethnic population, 84% of which speak American English and the rest wish they did. Although the non-Hispanic whites dominate the state’s racial mix, many other ethnic minorities like the French, Portuguese, and Italian live here too.

Rhode Island was known for its prolific fishing and textile industries once upon a time! These mainstream industries gradually dwindled during the Great Depression. Other important industries that thrived here in the past are costume jewelry making and silver items. A noticeable aspect of Rhode Island is the high number of deserted factories. Many of these desolate buildings now serve as offices, homes for low-income groups, or as public museums! Today, this state displays a service-oriented economy like healthcare and education sectors, and to some extent – manufacturing.

The Citizens Financial Group is headquartered in this state in Providence. Major companies based out of this state are American Power Conversion, CVS Caremark, GTECH Corporation, Nortek, Hasbro, FM Global, and Textron. There would be even more if this state did not impose anti-business regulations and high taxes on these companies. The entire north east has been slowly losing population and this is not just because of the cold winters, it is because of the laws that seem to undermine entrepreneurs.

Rhode Island has a highly effective, statewide intercity bus service. This bus service is also available for intra-city travel.

The notable academic campuses in this state include University of Rhode Island, Brown University, Naval War College, New England Institute of Technology, and Rhode Island School of Design.

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