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Selling a mobile or manufactured home in the State of Wisconsin can be a very daunting task. Buyers and sellers often have a difficult time connecting with one another since the mobile home market is much different than real estate. Realtors rarely list mobile homes due to a variety of factores. One problem with the mobile home market is the lack of financing available. Banks won’t touch them due to depreciation. When it comes to selling your mobile home in Wisconsin, you’re going to have to market your home in as many places as possible. Visibility is key when trying to attract Wisconsin buyers.

We provide this marketability for you. We attract potential buyers from all over the United States, not just Wisconsin. These buyers have the ability to move your home to their location so don’t overlook people from outside of your State. With an ad on, you’ll have the opportunity to list your homes features, upload unlimited pictures, make a write-up of the home, and more. You will even be given an easy URL that you can copy and paste into your other marketing efforts. For example, no longer will you have to repeatedly post new ads on Craigslist or Ebay. If you use these other marketing tools you can now, simply paste your easy URL into the ad and submit it. By clicking the link, Wisconsin buyers will be directed to a great looking, professional ad.

Along with your ad, you will be included in the marketing strategy that so many others have experienced. Along with our normal daily Internet traffic, we pay for ads that lead back to all the homes being sold in Wisconsin. Your ad will be seen every day by buyers searching your area. You can also be assured that ALL the traffic that comes to our site is mobile home relavent. Unlike our website, many of the other resources cater to many different industries and products. Even though the sites are well known, they are not well known for selling mobile homes. Your efforts are limited, at best. provides exposure to people looking to buy homes from every State, not just Wisconsin. This is especially good news to you, since many of these people are looking to move them into their area.

Start your listing today and take full advantage of the marketing power we have accumulated over a long period of time. Click the “List my home” tab above to get immediate exposure.


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