Vermont mobile home sales

The Art of Buying or Selling Manufactured Homes in Vermont

If you have a reason to buy or sell mobile homes in Vermont, contact us, an experienced manufactured home transactions service provider with verifiable track record for quick service.

Review this website and see if we can help you with a particular service. We have facilities for creating targeted sales ad pages for any sale item, and for creating additional promotional page for the same sale item. If you have a mobile home in Vermont which you need to sell off quickly, you may want to think twice before placing an ad on a local newspaper or craigslist business directory. Those methods either do not work or are too slow in producing results.

Instead, contact EZ Homes, LLC, because we guarantee the following features:

  • Fully licensed, bonded, & insured company
  • Long business experience (Over 30 combined years in fact)
  • Quality-conscious deals
  • Cash transactions for sales deals
  • No park approval needed
  • Facility for generating targeted sales ads
  • Additional promotional page to promote your listed home
  • A highly informative website
  • Free online tools such to assist in your sale

Interested in trying our services? Send in all your manufactured-home buying or selling requirements, and we will guide you every step of the way till you are happy with the results. Mobile-home buying and selling in Vermont requires market knowledge and business experience despite’s its lackluster performance as mentioned above, and we have both. Contact us now if you think you need our services. The status of the economy does not matter; you still have to make smart business decisions and we can help you in this matter.

Vermont, located in New England, a region of the northeastern sector of the United States, is the only New England state not having an Atlantic coastline! Green Mountains and Lake Champion on the western border are two distinctive natural landscapes in the state. Vermont was a French colony for a long time before the British seized power from the French in the Seven Year’s War (go see Last of the Mohicans!). Much of the land in this state has been in dispute with neighboring states!

Vermont is known for a large collection of insects, birds, and fish and different types of reptiles. The Eastern Timber Rattlesnake, found in this region is highly poisonous but nothing like the snakes in Africa or Australia.

Agriculture contributes to approximately 12% of the state economy. Dairy farming is the major agricultural source of income here. Tourism is a large industry in Vermont―showcasing some of the nation’s best skiing resorts.

Vermont is slow in industrial growth, and the government is still the largest employer. In the private business world, IBM, the IT giant, is a large employer in this region. But because of their high taxes and regulations, this is one reason why there is not a bunch of businesses flocking to this state. Vermont has some improvement to make in how they view the private sector.

Although quite few U.S. and inter-state highways have crossed the state, the only mode of local transportation in Vermont is cars! The state is served by Amtrak and other railway companies for inter-city or inter-state travels.

Vermont boasts five colleges within the Vermont State Colleges network, among which the University of Vermont is the best known. The state also has 14, degree-granting, private academic institutes.



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