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Virginia, occupying a part of the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., has been nicknamed the “Mother of Presidents” since eight U.S. presidents have been born there. Historically speaking, after the English conquest, this state was probably named after Queen Elizabeth, the virgin queen!

A large portion of Virginia (almost two-thirds) is covered by forest areas―showcasing deciduous trees with wide leaves. While tall Oak trees and Hickory trees decorate the high altitudes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, lower altitudes generally display dense thickets of hemlocks and moss. A wide variety of birds and mammals are found in the forest areas. The Chesapeake Bay provides a humid coating to the otherwise hot climate of this state.

Virginia supports many sources of income, including government employment. Virginia’s proximity to Washington DC is the reason behind the high number of government jobs. The other major industrial sectors include agriculture and business. Virginia also boasts a thriving service sector and one-third of the local jobs are in healthcare, finance, tourism, and other service industries.

With the big IT industry boom in the state, Virginia now has the highest concentration of technology workers of any state. Virginia is home to software, communication technology, and defense-contract companies―especially in the Dulles Technology Corridor. According to a 2012 statistic, Dominion Power, the local power-supply company anticipates that 10% of all its electricity supply will be taken by data centers.

This state is virtually lined with tourist attractions like the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Science Museum of Virginia. The Smithsonian Institutes and the National Air and Space Museum also happen to be in this state. Fairs and carnivals are a regular feature in many counties in Virginia. The Virginia State Fair is held in the month of September every year but because of the food, prices, germs, and heat, many people are shying away from state fairs these days.

Virginia has consistently ranked in the nationwide assessment of educational institutions. The University of Virginia ranked 2nd in the list of public colleges and College of William & Mary ranked 6th. Virginia Commonwealth University is known for its excellent program in fine-arts.

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