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With  5,894,121 residents (2000) covering over 66582 square miles of land, Washington is the 20th largest State in the union.  It’s beautiful landscapes make it a desirable location for all ages.  With seattle at the hub of its economy, Washington is always in need of affordable housing for it’s growing population.  Our buyers often search for mobile homes for sale in the area.  In fact, we get thousands of hits each month by people seeking to list their homes for sale or to purchase homes that we have listed.  Outside of California, we get more traffic to our site from Washington than any other State on the west coast.  With all of this interest in Mobile homes; why is it so hard for Washington sellers to find buyers for their homes?

The answer to this question is that people aren’t quite sure how to market their home.  They place ads in the news paper to a limited audience, while paying big money to do so.  These ads usually run their corse without generating much interest.  The seller then gets frustrated and eventually settles for selling at a drastically reduced price. (If the even find a buyer at that point.)  These ads usually run about $90 for 2 weeks.  Why limit yourself to a small viewing area when you can sell your home to buyers outside of the Washington area for more money?

The Internet is the new market place for selling mobile homes.  Buyers often come back to our site several times a month, in search for homes throughout the State of Washington.  You need to get our home in front of these people fast.  Every day that you wait, they continue to purchase homes all around you.  By placing an ad on our site, you not only get a professional looking ad for less than half the cost of other advertising, you also get the benefit of all the hard work we have put in over the years in order to generate a steady stream of buyers who keep coming back each month.  We utilize several different avenues to generate this traffic.  The benefit for you is that the buyers are already here.

Our advertisements offer you unlimited picture uploading along with plenty of space to give a full description of your mobile homes selling features.  The set  up is easy, as we’ll take you through it, step by step.  When you’re finished, you’ll have a great looking ad that’s sure to attract attention.  The cost of this ad is very inexpensive at just $29.99 for 2 months of advertising time -OR- an unlimited ad time for just $39.99 per home listing.

Take advantage of this great offer today and list your home to thousands of people in and near Washington.


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